Looking for Fiberglass Car Parking shed in Karachi. We provide high-quality material Car Parking Shed in Karachi , Sukkur, Larkana, Hyderabad and all other states of Pakistan with all supply and installation services. Our fiberglass car parking shed are very durable for hot weather and provide 100% shade to the cars that will maintain interior, glow, and shine of car for a long time. We provide both custom size and standard size car park shades with all necessary structure and fiberglass calculation of shades. We use high-quality Shading material for car shades like PVC sheets, GRP Sheet, GI Sheet, K-Span Sheet etc. We use MS Structure with Epoxy, Aluminum Structure, for the shades that will give long life to the parking shades. We provide 5 to 15 years of warranty on parking shades structure and fiberglass sheets.

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