Our car park shade structures are designed to offer the maximum protection possible whilst still be aesthetically pleasing to the eye and the environment. With different options we are able to provide protection from harmful UV rays, or with our FIBERGLASS. we are able to provide your customers protection from the sun, rain and hail.

For more details call:

Najam Awan 03008201233

Let us know your requirements and we can tailor make a car park shade design to suit your specific needs.


Car Parking Shades Specifications Car Parking Shades Advantages
  • Available with different designs like Cantilever Shade (Top & Bottom Support), Single Pole (Umbrella Shape), Wave Design, Pyramid Shape, Cone Design, Arch Design & Sail Shade Design.
  • Open Height – 2.5M (Height can be modified as per request).
  • Available steel structure are GI Structure,  MS Structure.
  • Prevents fading of the dashboard.
  • Protects electronics in the car.
  • Reduces heat buildup in the car.
  • Increases property value.
  • Increases the image of your corporation.
  • Eliminates cracking of widescreen.
  • The gloss and shine of your car lasts.
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